Sue Watts Reflexology MFHT 
      Complementary Health Therapy

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Cases (Some examples of how my clients have benefited from Reflexology).

45 year old non verbal Autistic lady suffering with constipation, incontinence, reflux and absent periods.  I visit my client at a disabled centre weekly.   My client has been suffering for many years with these symptoms and over time,  my client's symptoms have improved with having Reflexology, she is more relaxed and her periods have returned.   At the start of having Reflexology sessions, her whole body, particularly her neck would be stiff, but now she is mostly relaxed.

40 year old female suffering with anxiety, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, endometriosis, hormone imbalance.  My client was housebound most of the time because of her symptoms/anxiety attacks. My client had 6 sessions and after each session, she felt her energy increase, was in less pain and felt less anxious.  

32 year old female wanting help to regulate periods after many years of being on the contraceptive pill and is also trying for a baby.  My client had fortnightly sessions and after the 4th session, she became pregnant.  It also helped with some bowel issues that she had been having.

77 year old female recovering from radiotherapy for lung cancer.  My client was in a lot of pain and was on a high dosage of morphine.  My client was staying with her daughter for a few days whilst recovering, so was only able to have one session with myself.  My client felt the pain decreasing during the session and was pain free by the next day and didn't need to take a high dosage of morphine.  Her wellbeing increased over the following days and she was able to go out shopping. Her speech had also become more clear.   

63 year old female suffering with anxiety, depression, hypertension and BPD  for some years.  My client has been having sessions regularly every two weeks for some time now and over time she has now become much more relaxed in herself.

39 year old female suffering with acute sinusitis.  My client had been suffering with bad sinusitis for around 7 days.  When I saw my client on the 2nd visit a week later, she mentioned that the pain went away the following day after the first session and is still pain free.  She had her second session to help with the congestion.

78 year old female having symptoms of pain in right hip and legs due to past hip replacement and stents put in both legs.  She also had water retention in her lower legs and ankles.   My client had two fortnightly sessions and by the time I met her for her 3rd session, her water retention had completely gone.  She is continuing to have monthly treatments to help with the pain.

28 year old female had sessions to help regulate her periods and trying for a baby - my client had been trying for a baby for a year and became pregnant after 3 sessions of Reflexology from myself. 

30 year old female (5 months pregnant) has been suffering with pelvis pain and acne for many years.  At the end of the first session, my client felt a great relief in the pelvis area.   She had her 2nd session 3 weeks later and was still feeling the benefit and no longer needed to take pain relief.  On her 3rd session 3 weeks later again, her pelvis still felt a lot better and my client commented that her problem with acne is the best its ever been.  She continued to have regular sessions throughout her pregnancy.

73 year old female suffering with pain in her neck and shoulder (had pins and plates put in neck a few years ago) lower back and hip pain due to recent operation.  My client had been immobile for a few years and had swelling in both legs.  She had 6 weekly sessions and by the 4th session, the swelling in both legs had almost gone and by the 5th session, my client mentioned that she had been pain free for 5 days.  During these weeks, she was able to wean off pain medication for the first time in 2 years and her consultant said she was recovering very well from her hip replacement.  

74 year old female suffering with pain in her lower back, left shoulder and upper right leg.  At the end of the first session, my client felt her pain had diminished completely.  On her 2nd treatment two weeks later, she mentioned that her pain in her right leg had also completely gone.

75 year old female had been suffering with fibromyalgia for many yearsDuring the first week after 1st session, my client said she had a few times where she had more energy and wasn't falling asleep during the day.  During the 2nd week after 2nd session, she had a day where she felt quite well and was able to walk around a supermarket (something that she currently was unable to do).  During the 3rd week after 3rd session, my client said she had some days where she had no pain in her body at all (client usually never had times without any pain).  On the night of the 3rd session, she slept very well.  She continued to have a few more treatments.

57 year old female suffering with back, hip, neck and arm pain, asthma and diverticulitis.  At the end of my client's first session, she noticed her pain had diminished significantly.  Before session, she was unable to clench her fists because of the pain.  At the end of the session, she was able to do this with ease.  She is continuing to have regular sessions.  On the 2nd visit my client mentioned that she slept very well after 1st session and she had been pain free for a few days.

52 year old female suffering with chronic back pain, stress and cystitis.  After the 1st session, my client felt great relief in her back and said it felt very calm.  On the 2nd visit (two weeks later) she mentioned that her emotions were better and felt more relaxed in herself.  On the 3rd treatment, my client mentioned that a Sty that she had for a long time, had now greatly decreased in size.

85 year old female suffering with stress, insomnia, loss of taste and smell with no appetite.  My client had 6 weekly sessions, and during this time her symptoms had improved to where she felt more relaxed, sleeping better and her appetite had returned. 

39 year old female suffering with M.E/C.F.S., pain in left side of neck, lower back, knees, lower leg, eyes and ears, Hot flushes due to past hysterectomy and removal of ovaries.  My client had 6 weekly sessions and during these weeks, she noticed she had some days with more energy and less pain.  By her 6th session, she mentioned that she had a really good week, where she no longer went to sleep during the day, had significantly less pain or no pain at all and she was able to do normal daily activities. She also noticed that her hot flushes had also stopped.  My client said she felt like a light had been switched on and she can now think more clearly.  She is continuing to have regular sessions around every 3 weeks or so.  My client had been suffering with M.E etc. for many years and was unable to do normal daily activities before treatments started.  

50+ year old female suffering with hot flushes and sinus problems.  My client had 6 weekly sessions and during this time, she mentioned that the night sweats had stopped and her sinus problems had improved.  

70 year old female had been suffering with chronic back and abdominal pain.  On the third visit, my client mentioned that she had not had any more pain since her second session and she is continuing to have regular sessions.

24 year old female suffering with  ME/CFS, Sciatica, Endometriosis and depression.  My client had 6 fortnightly sessions and over this period, she noticed an increase in energy after each treatment.  By the 5th session, my client was feeling really well in herself and her energy levels had increased so much, that she was able to go back to work part time.  My client continued to have monthly sessions.  

50 year old female suffering with Insomnia – my client felt extremely relaxed and sleepy during the session and  mentioned a few weeks later that had been able to sleep peacefully at night.

Female age 60+ suffering with digestive problems, flatulence & bloating –  by the 6th session, my client no longer had discomfort in these areas.

Retired female suffering with tension/pain in her neck, shoulder and lower back.  My client noticed that by the end of the 1st session, there was hardly any pain and was looking forward to having more treatments.  

Female age 60+ suffering with slight hip discomfort and painful planterfasciatis – both in just her right sideMy client’s condition had improved over the course of 6 weekly sessions and she also mentioned that she felt well in herself. She continued to have 6 further monthly sessions to maintain this wellbeing.

40 year old female suffering with stress,  by the 4th monthly session, my client said she was feeling more calm and relaxed in herself, sleeping better and generally felt quite well.

Female age 40+ suffering with peri menopause/hormonal symptoms. My client had  6 monthly sessions and during this time, she

started to feel more relaxed and well balanced and was looking forward to the next treatment.