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When Should I Avoid Reflexology

During the first 3 months of pregnancy / high risk pregnancy or if there are any Infections on the feet, also if you are showing signs of Covid 19 or been near anyone with Covid 19.  

How Many Treatments Should I Have

Its completely up to the client on how many treatments to have and how often and everyone responds differently. To get the best from Reflexology, its best to have regular treatments, particularly where the problems are more chronic.  You don't have to be unwell to have Reflexology, many people have treatments just for relaxation and prevention.

Can I Claim Money Back Through My Health Insurance

Some of my clients are able to claim money back from their health insurance, but do check that they cover Reflexology. If you need a full typed up receipt, then please let me know beforehand, so I can hand this over on the day of treatment.

What Happens During A Treatment

The client will be asked to remove shoes, socks and to lay back on a la fuma recliner chair (this chair is very relaxing and it elevates the feet slightly above heart level).  I also have an additional chair in my therapy room along with a foot stool, this is a more upright chair which is better for pregnant women, the elderly or anyone who prefers not to be reclined back.  Both chairs are very comfortable and many clients fall asleep.  The feet will be cleansed and then relaxed with a short massage using an aqueous cream and then a sequence of thumb movements will be made to all areas on the feet. I work the whole feet, so I'm covering the whole body, then more attention will be made to the areas which I feel are out of balance.  Markings will be made on a blank foot chart of where reflexes are found and will be kept on file for any future treatments.  When a reflex is found, it usually feels gritty or tender to the client.   My therapy room in my home is a designated room just off my hall way.

How Will I Feel Afterwards

Most of my clients usually feel deeply relaxed afterwards (both in the body and mind) and generally over time they are more relaxed, have more energy, less pain and generally feel more well balanced.


It is advised to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and spicy foods for 24 hours.

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