Sue Watts Reflexology MFHT 
      Complementary Health Therapy

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When Should I Avoid Reflexology

During the first 3 months of pregnancy or high risk pregnancy

Infections of the feet

How Many Sessions Should I Have

Its completely up to the client on how many sessions to have and everyone responds differently.   Sometimes people notice a difference after just one or two sessions, especially where the problem is acute.  Whereas a chronic issue will usually benefit more from regular sessions.  There is no guarantee that Reflexology may help everyone with their health issues, however the majority of people do feel a great benefit.

What Happens During A Session

At the start of the session, I will go through a medical form with the client and then the client will be asked to remove shoes, socks and to lay back on a recliner chair.  The feet will be cleansed and then relaxed with a short massage using an aqueous cream and then a sequence of thumb movements will be made to all areas on the feet.  More attention will be made to the areas that may help with a specific problem.  Notes will be taken during the session by marking on a blank foot chart of where reflexes are found and will be kept on record for any future sessions.  The session is very relaxing and very often the client falls asleep.  When a reflex is found, it usually feels either gritty, lumpy, tender, sore or spongy.  Sometimes the client will also feel the reflex, circular or pressing thumb movements will be worked on a little longer on these areas.  Notes will also be made on how the feet look as this can also help with the perception of the client's problem.

How Will I Feel Afterwards

Some of my clients have commented that they feel tired/lethargic, may urinate more, develop a runny nose, have increased heat in hands and feet.  

All of these reactions are part of the healing process as the body releases the toxins and waste products and re balances the energy pathways.


It is advised to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and spicy foods for 24 hours.